Anna 1: Anna, could you tell me something about yourself? About your work?

Anna 2: Anna Frijstein is fascinated by the everyday role play at the kitchen table, in art, in politics, in the workplace and on holiday. In her installations, drawings and performances, she applies strategies and mimics elements from these different contexts. Anna's self-reflective quest for authenticity, sincerity and 'being yourself' results in a mix of childlike imaginings, philosophical issues and 'fictional' scientific revelations.

Anna 1: But these are not your words! [break]

Anna 2: Instruction for the reader. Refresh the page otherwise you can't see what I'm saying.

Anna 1: ? *you're not funny*

Anna 2: Born in a village near Amsterdam, I moved to Berlin for quite some time and returned to NL to study Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. There I completed my BFA in 2015. Currently live in London to study // MA Contemporary Art Practice, Performance // at Royal College of Art.