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6-10 July 2022 // THIS art fair // Kromhouthal // Amsterdam
Come and see my work at booth 78 amongst many more exciting artists' booths!

VIP PREVIEW // 6 JULY // During the preview I'll perform my new piece 'I don't like fruitcake!' at 18.30 o’clock.

TICKETS & TIMINGS // THURS 7, FRI 8 JULY, SAT 9 JULY & SUN 10 JULY // You can buy your art fair tickets at THIS website or click right here. The fair is open between 11:00 - 19:00 o’clock.

FINAL DAY & PERFORMANCE // SUN 10 JULY // I perform my 15 min performance ‘I don’t like fruitcake!’ on the Sunday 10 JULY at 17.30 o'clock.

1 June 2022 // Gerrit Rietveld Academie & Sandberg Institute // Library // Performative lecture

How to dehumanize, to become an animal, or an object, or a landscape?

The new Worm Order out now Performative lecture with Anna Frijstein and Marianne Theunissen

10 March 2022 // Eastside Projects // EOP Curious about extraordinary collaborations? Join this! With thanks to Eastide Projects for inviting me running this online event on Thursday 10 March 6.30-7.30 UK times & 7.30-8.30 NL times. "Have you ever collaborated with a non-human animal? Listened to a plant? Been in dialogue with the weather? Join artist Anna Frijstein for an extraordinary event exploring collaborations between artists, non-artists, animals, plants, natural elements, AI and those we can not think of yet. Anna has invited Dr Sue Anne Zollinger, senior lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Physiology to share her examples of collaboration in unusual ways. (...)" Find out more and book your ticket here!

photo by Steve Baldwin 2011 MEDIAMATIC // DUTCH DESIGN WEEK

Installation HoPPy DaZe_Boiling Frog Syndrome is ON SHOW right now in Eindhoven (NL)

Inhuman Carnival at Dutch Design Week

Species Costume Library curated by Philipp Schueller

17th through the 22d of October 2021, 11:00-22:00

Natlab, Eindhoven Free entrance!

Performing my new work EMOPIG91 has feelings too (2021) at the UK Mexican Art Society with a bunch of incredible artists curated with love and power by the brilliant Rosie Gibbens The social-ecological commission by Cape Farewell consisted of collaborative research with scientists, fieldwork, farm visits and spending time in my studio. Now my 'salmon' work is ready to be installed in the touring RiverRun exhibition alongside words and works by ecopoet Helen Moore, filmmaker James Murray-White and artist David Buckland. Invite to be shared ASAP. The performance will go live on the 3rd of November 2021 at the Lighthouse in Poole to coincide with COP26! Follow my updates on Instagram and/or watch this space.

Very happy to say that I received the Mondriaan Fund 'Young Talent Grant'!

4 June 2021 // Eastside Projects // EOP

Book your ticket for this online playful lunch I'll be hosting online for EOP // Eastside Projects. Tune in from wherever your are and.... "join us for a playful lunch hosted by Anna Frijstein. While eating away your sandwiches, she will provide food for thought by sharing her ideas on Play, Performance and Pedagogy. Together with you, she will think through how ‘play’ can be used as socio-political methods to free ourselves from normalisation, control and patriarchy. The discussion is open to all, bring along your own thoughts to serve at the table." For more info and tickets:

Touchy Touch Touched is an artist-led group show featuring work from the artists based at Greatorex Street Studios. Painting, sculpture and textiles are all united under that most alluring of senses - touch. After a year of deprivation come and revel in the fluffy, puffy, spiky, subtle, smooth, and shifting surfaces of the objects that comprise Touchy Touch Touched.

Opening day 12 - 8pm Saturday May 15th, followed by 16th - 19th, 12 - 7pm. No booking required but limited numbers allowed in the gallery at one time.

See you there!

On invitation by Fireflies @ De KAZERNE I shared my art practice with an amazing group of kids in Reigersbos, Amsterdam Zuidoost. After a presentation on my own work and explaining what performance art 'exactly' is or can be, I asked them to make performance art with a message themselves. What do they want to share with the world? What change do they want for themselves and/or others? As a source of inspiration for their messages we looked at the SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals).

Leave me spooky (2020) print now available (limited edition)

3 colour screenprint 35. 42cm (w) x 29.7cm (h)

Sneakypeaky while documenting my recent drawings, paintings and prints.

October 2020 // Happy to be part of the exhibition no-longer-being-able-to-be-able curated by Hang Li @ Skelf [enter here!] "no-longer-being-able-to-be-able began from an urge to think about a shared unease in an over-saturated contemporary life. The limitless productivity and growth encouraged by neoliberal ideology have redefined people as labourers who have to continue to able to work and consume in order to be able to be."

Working on my project Hoompy Doompy while isolating. Filming at Centrale Fies in Italy now to be re-scheduled due to Covid. TBC! With great support from the Arts Council England for granting my practice with the emergency fund, 2020
Work your ass off_Hee-ha! Hee-ha! print now available (limited edition)

Giclée Print on Canson Baryta Canson Baryta Photographique paper (2020)

Glimpse from my archive, back to the future in 2010.

Thank you Elephant magazine! Check out the full article 'The London MFA Shows: Art in a World on the Edge of Change?' right here.

Natalia Janula and myself are excited to be showing and sharing our mixed reality video installation this Saturday 12-9pm at Chalton Gallery (London).

> Jeremy Deller 'Everyone in the Place' 2018 screening
> Natalia Janula in collaboration with Anna Frijstein
> Gaps presents a screening by Carlos Fernández-Pello and Drifters.
> Boby Barry: Experimental electronics.
> 'Water Inhabits The Stone'
Curated by IRRUPTIVE CHORA. Participating artists and contributors include: Valentina Bin w/ Ariadne Radi Cor, Ania Mokrzycka w/ Agata Kik, Andreia Afonso, Jen Hawthorn and Karolina Lebek
> Analogue Photographic Studio // Ben Nathan

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I’m excited to invite you for the Royal College of Art Degree Show 2019!
Beside the incredible work by many amazing fellow graduating RCA artists, my new body of work HoPPy DaZe will be on show.
HoPPy DaZe includes a video installation, several sculptural works, something to chew on, drawings, a mural vinyl print and a 15 min. live performance.

Very excited to be awarded by Arte Laguna Prize in Venice, the prize "Artist in Residence". Will keep you posted about my residency at Centrale Fies in Italy. Dates tbc!

Thanks a lot for inviting me as one of the guest speakers, Marcus Foster and William Redgrove! What an evening full of incredible talks by George Turner from @carneyscommunity, @adam_kammerling, @darcyjaynewallace, @leahcapaldi, @lucybirdstudio.
ASYMBAL is a community focussed art project led by Marcus Foster and William Redgrove sponsored by the Arts Council England and Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

Performing my poem YOUR WORLD IS NOT A FUNFAIR, BABY. YOUR WORLD IS ON FIRE alongside cardboard paintings during CAPbaret @ Royal College of Art, March 2019

Excited about my N — E º W ?( S ) residency at Jupiter Woods, London. With Miriam Austin, Anna Frijstein, Harriet Foyster, Jeremy Glatre, Charlie Harrison, Natalia Janula, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Paquita Milville, Alecs Pierce, Ariane Schick, Katie Simpson, Theo Turpin.

"N — E º W ?( S ) Seasonal School- The Domestic Landscape
19th - 23rd March

PV: Tuesday 19th March, 6-9pm
Exhibition open: Weds 20th & Sat 23rd March, 12-5pm

Jupiter Woods is pleased to welcome N — E º W ?( S ) for its second edition, exploring the domestic landscape. Throughout history, we have considered Nature as an extension of our interior, as a space we can order (from the latin ordo), literally meaning ‘the row’. Today the conception of ‘the landscape’, as it is used in the making of gardens or in agriculture has become widely contested. This has given rise to a new approach in which human intervention remains minimal, as prescribed in ‘Le Jardin en mouvement’ by Gilles Clement and in the practice of permaculture."

Performing the poem MENTAL MARCHING MONSTERS @ Harrow Arts Center Feb 28, 6-9pm.

Anna Frijstein in collaboration with Alexander Robertson, ‘Living with worms’, Performance (25 minutes), DisORDERS Exhibition, London, February 2019.

"Thunder and techno pump out of speakers above ‘the wormhole’, a cardboard house covered in black cloth, a dark domestic representation of a worm’s home. As the soundtrack evolves into squeezing noises, two worms burst out of the wormhole and wiggle into a sitcom of a comical domestic loop: “Coffee darling?” “Yes, dear, lovely”. “Have you seen the weather darling?” Miserable day, darling.” “Dark day indeed”. An authoritative voice spits provocative poetry out as the worms reach out for contact. Their hands touch and after a mating dance they worm back into their whole. The two innocent worms gradually evolve into sinister parasites infecting the minds of the audience by using a loud indoctrinating voice. The absurd and the comic are used as as strategies to provoke the uncanny double bind of laughter. The image of the slippery worm becomes a metaphor for the harmless idea, thought or meme that turns into an infectious toxic dogma."

London! I have two performances cooking for you, coming up soon!
Pencil in your agenda...
Wednesday 27 Februrary @ Hackney 6-9. (More info soon!)
Performance with two human-scale worms. A work about the parasitic trick.

Thursday 28 February @ Harrow 6-9. (More info soon!)
A monstrous performed poem piece.

Monster workshop (performative) on invitation by Panicattack Duo within the Bloomberg New Contemporaries Exhibition @ South London Gallery, London (UK)

Dissertation _UPDATE

Masters of mimicry:
Manipulative orchids, poker-faced frogs: hungry feedback in the loop.

Contact me when you want to receive a PDF of my just finished MA Dissertation (graded with distinction!)

While you read and relax, I'm stressing and writing (almost done, almost delivered, almost there for you to read!)
Masters of mimicry:
Manipulative orchids, poker-faced frogs: hungry feedback in the loop.

Hello you and your sexy orchid,

Join me and my orchids for the teaser_masterclass 'To want to be what you are' @ Chisenhale Studios [London].
Sunday 5 August | 2-2.30pm | or | 5-5.30pm |

Life/forms is a series of events curated by Lucy Cowling

22 June 2018 OPENING Hope to see you at the grand opening // 22 JUNE // of the exhibition GET LOST-art route 2018 // 22 JUNE - 22 SEPTEMBER. Go and check out the works by
Richard John Jones, Johannes Büttner, Olle Stjerne, Anna Frijstein, Monira Al Qadiri, Rosa Sijben, Marek van de Watering, Annabel Howland, Smári Róbertsson, Simon Wald Lasowski, Andrea Boži? & Julia Willms, Marek van de Watering and my new series Work your ass off_Hee-ha! Hee-ha!. @ GET LOST -art route 2018

Yo! Check out my interview with most sexy online platform SINK SEXY!
And find out about my love for peanut butter and Kurt Cobain.

13 June 2018 Bring your orchid, and yourself, to see my new performance To want to be what you are @ Amsterdam (NL).

"De performances en video-installaties van Anna Frijstein onderzoeken wat het betekent om ‘authentiek’ te zijn – hoe vindt men het innerlijke, maar tegelijkertijd het meest succesvolle zelf? Deze tegenstrijdigheid resulteert in Frijsteins komieke performatieve sessies en tutorials. In de performance ‘To want to be what you are’ kondigt een vlieg op absurde wijze een masterclass in manipulatie en verleiding aan. Hoewel de aangekondigde masterclass in principe bedoeld is voor manipulatieve orchideeën, kun je ook zelf verleid worden door deze live teaser. Neem je eigen orchidee mee!"
For the full programme check

23 May 2018 Showing and sharing a NEW performance in London (UK) Another Five Minutes of Your Time

Chinese whispers a collaboration with Alexandra Hunts (2017) will be on show @ Galerie LUMC, Leiden (NL)

"Op het voorterrein buiten het LUMC staan van 17 mei t/m eind augustus drie bronzen beelden uit de serie The Holy Land van Folkert de Jong

Binnen in Galerie LUMC is van 26 april t/m 2 september een groepstentoonstelling van kunstenaars die zich eveneens door aspecten van het verleden hebben laten inspireren: Jasper Hagenaar, Nynke Koster, Femke Dekkers, Simon van Til, Camile Smeets, Alexandra Hunts & Anna Frijstein, Jonathan van Doornum, Bas de Wit en Sander van Noort."

Performance Pineal Gland Booster (budget edition) @ CAPbaret 16th March 2018, Gorvy Lecture Theatre /// sneakpeak //

NEW work // Pinocchio's mouth (2018)

Check this out // Thursday 18th January 2018 Private View, Friday 19th January - Sunday 21st January. Open to the public. 12-6 daily. //

The installation & performance Pinocchio's mouth @ WIP show @ Royal College of Art Battersea, London. @ Contemporary Art // Performance // Woo building.

My official Instagram birth! Stay posted and follow me @ Instagram @ Anna_Frijstein

// August/September 2017 // The continuous reference to Venus von Willendorf figure. The production of the image of the women throughout the time in the dialog of two female artists.
A project in collaboration with Alexandra Hunts in progress...

Pino Pinelli's Pie Pills and Pillow (2017)

" // 27.05.2017 @ The Merchant House // With Amsterdam Millennial Writers Maarten van der Graaff and Fiep van Bodegom, art historian Eva Marijne Mak and artist Anna Frijstein. Moderated by Marsha Plotnitsky, TMH Founding Artistic Director.

Please join us for a special preview of a special catalogue. A group of millennial writers and artists led by Maarten van der Graaff are meeting in secret locations to conduct collaborative work for the TMH catalogue of Pino Pinelli’s exhibition. Reflecting on the 79-year-old Italian master through their eyes and words is likely to reveal the unexpected – both about Pinelli’s and their view of art."

For the complete publication check out

Trendbeheer article on Beny Wagner, Dominique Himmelsbach and a studio visit in Amsterdam // May 2017 // By Najiba Brakkee

A talk with the orchid.

26.04.2017 Performance and a lecture on my practice @ ACPA - Academy of Creative and Performing Arts - Leiden University

Moving to London in September 2017 for the two-year MA @ Royal College of Art

Not so enlightened (2017)

Parool, thank you for your kind words and for making me feel a few years younger than I am ;-)

Failed to Sync
29.10 - 20.11 2016
Exhibition at puntWG, Amsterdam (NL)
Opening Saturday 29 October, 17 - 20 hrs

Follow online!
While trying to control and manage our lives, jobs, animals and artworks, we often fail to synchronise ourselves.

The exhibition Failed to Sync aims to provoke moments of interruption, mistakes or even fffailure.

During the show at puntWG one might encounter singing voices, lying stones, tapping fingers, blinking words and human B's.

Artists who participate in the exhibi(t)ion include the following:
Dovile Aleksandraviciute (LT)
Dina Danish (EG/FR)
Anna Frijstein (NL)
Lieven Lahaye (BE)
Cindy Moorman (NL)

Failed to Sync is accompanied by a side program which will feature performative sessions, speeches, artist talks as well as lectures; artists, philosophers, sociologists, Foley artists and everything in between will share their moments of (a)syncronicity. All the public events will be announced on our Facebook page –attend online and stay informed!

With this hectic, eclectic and hyperactive approach, Failed to Sync hopes to deliver you plenty of (a)synchronicity. Go, check it out and sing along.

Failed to Sync is initiated by Anna Frijstein and decorated by Ott Metusala.
This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

28.08.2016 Radio weekend Live Radio@Marres Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Radio & DJ-set Mike Moonen, tune in around 15.30-16.00 for a short talk with Nicola & me about distorted didactics and decision making in times of holiday. Click HERE to listen!


Samen met 25 andere jonge kunstenaars op de longlist voor de Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs!

Palmlogic in the south @ sunny Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture // i_shelf with Nicola Godman

Marres Tourist Office
13.8 - 4.9.2016

Excited to announce that Nicola Godman and I will collaborate on an installation for the group show Marres Tourist Office.

An exhibition with Hans Aarsman, Maarten Bel, Teresa Cos, Roger Cremers, Anna Frijstein i.c.w. Nicola Godman, Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee radio, Krijn de Koning, Frank Koolen i.c.w. Dier In Bedrijf, Doina Kraal, Wiel Kusters, Mike Moonen, Claudia Sola, Derk Thijs and Anneke Walvoort.

Radio interview @ Anne's Vragenvuur-Amsterdam. An interview on my short residency @ FLAT Station in Amsterdam South East and my new performance session Don't know why I'm smiling. on real versus fake smiles. Click HERE to listen!

Invite FLAT design by DONGYOUNG LEE

Performative introduction on the artist-run organization HARD-CORE @ Studium Generale Rietveld Academie - February 10th

More info on the new project soon

NOMINATED for the Young Master Award 2015 @ MAF, Leeuwarden

Performance 31.10.2015 during the opening of the exhibition.
Exhibition 31.10 - 21.11

Recent performance @ Salon de Pinto

Upcoming performance Thursday September 17th 2015 I will perform M a n y M o n e y M i l l i o n s [re-enactment] during Salon de Pinto.

Doors open 8pm.
Huis de Pinto
St. Antoniesbreestraat 69
1011 HB Amsterdam

For the complete program and more info visit:

Graduation show
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
July 1 - 5

Project presented during the graduation show

Performance with mixed media installation, 2015

ROOM 120approx. 15 minutes

session series time table
NOTE For the exact starting times please
check the countdown clock in the installation

Wed 1 13.00 15.00 16.30 19.00 20.00
Thurs 213.00 15.00 16.30 19.00 20.00
Frid 3 13.00 15.00 16.30 19.00 20.00
Sat 4 13.00 15.00 19.00
Sun 513.00 14.00 16.30

New tool in the studio, for proper frames!