HoPPy DaZe_Boiling Frog Syndrome_live
@ Royal College of Art Show 2019

What do you get when you compare boasting frogs with bluffing politicians and dystopian Bubblegum blowing kids? When to jump when all of us are boiling in a saucepan called earth?
Find out now! Join the Boiling Frog Syndrome performance workshop!

At 4.30 sharp on the following days:

SAT 29 JUNE, 4.30pm
SUN 30 JUNE, 4.30pm
MON 1 JULY, 4.30pm
TUE 2 JULY, 4.30pm
THU 4 JULY, 4.30pm
FRI 5 JULY, 4.30pm
SAT 6 JULY, 4.30pm
SUN 7 JULY, 4.30pm