Anna Frijstein in collaboration with Alexander Robertson, ‘Living with worms’, Performance (25 minutes), Disorders Exhibition at @studio_9294 , London, February 2019.

Thunder and techno pump out of speakers above ‘the wormhole’, a cardboard house covered in black cloth, a dark domestic representation of a worm’s home. As the soundtrack evolves into squeezing noises, two worms burst out of the wormhole and wiggle into a sitcom of a comical domestic loop: “Coffee darling?” “Yes, dear, lovely”. “Have you seen the weather darling?” Miserable day, darling.” “Dark day indeed”. An authoritative voice spits provocative poetry out as the worms reach out for contact. Their hands touch and after a mating dance they worm back into their whole. The two innocent worms gradually evolve into sinister parasites infecting the minds of the audience by using a loud indoctrinating voice. The absurd and the comic are used as as strategies to provoke the uncanny double bind of laughter. The image of the slippery worm becomes a metaphor for the harmless idea, thought or meme that turns into an infectious toxic dogma.