Money Millions_klein.jpg

Many Money Millions(2015)
Performance, drawing, installation
Graduationshow, Gerrit Rietveld Academie

On Authenticity

The room is set up with institutional objects. A digital clock counts down the time to the next session. Anna Frijstein is waiting to guide you through the results of her research – she exudes a polite professionalism. You’ve probably seen her before meticulously filing records in an office at the council… or was it at the auction house?

Eighteen black chairs are placed in rows. Do take a seat; the session is about to begin.

Under scrutiny today is work by three living artists. Specifically, the world’s most expensive paintings will be analysed by exploring aspects of their production. Juicy morsels of information will be offered throughout the session.

A tape deck is switched on and Anna’s lips move, speaking of value beyond your wildest dreams. Hands rifle though cardboard boxes and fingers point to drawings. Production structures are revealed or rather exposed. Things begin to unravel, authority crumbles: Slippages in facts create wild fictions, or is the information we are told unbelievably true? Watch her lips.

Michelle Williams Gamaker